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The new article in Perspectives

Slavenka Drakulić just published a paper on neoconservative values and the way they affect women’s rights. The article Conquering the space of freedom: a never-ending story? appeared in PERSPECTIVES: Women in Western Balkans: Rights and flights No. 8 (October issue), p. 34-37.

In the text, Drakulić claims that

The citizens cannot protect their children or themselves from the conservative gender ideology imposed on them through the big, political door, and the small, school door by the Church, simply because it is in the position to do so. The Istanbul Convention can neither endanger nor change that with its measures. It may help to protect victims and prosecute the perpetrators. But values, especially the ones related to the gender role of women, are changing slowly and not always for the better.

The whole article can be read at this link or downloaded as a PDF.

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