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Dora Maar and Picasso – Slovenia book tour

Novel on Dora Maar and Picasso presented in Slovenia

Slavenka Drakulić presented her novel Dora in Minotaver: moje življenje s Picassom (Beletrina, 2021) in Cankarjev dom, Ljubljana, Slovenia. First she was interviewed by Slovenian journalist Ksenija Horvat. They talked about feminism today, about Slavenka’s coronoavirus experience, and about the novel on Dora Maar and Pablo Picasso. The venue was fully packed!

Watch the video here.

Photo: Nina Pernat

In an interview for Slovene newspaper Metropolitan, Slavenka talked about loosing oneself for love, writing about feminism and messages for young women today. Read the whole interview here (Slovenian only) or

Photo: Nina Pernat

Read the whole interview with Slavenka Drakulić for Slovenian most prominent daily, DELO (Slovenian only). She talked about her novel Dora in Minotaver (can we die of love?), being sick with Covid, and being saved by laughter.

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