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Very important project – Faces of Srebrenica

Here are the faces of thousands who died in Srebrenica ….

lica srebrenice

When I started collecting photos of the people killed in Srebrenica, the task at first seemed like a clerical one. I looked for names, birthdates, and anything else that would help me sort through the records. In a way it was a microcosm of the Bosnian war itself. Everyone knew the names of the first victims as Yugoslavia disintegrated into interethnic chaos in 1991. But as the war continued over the next few years, names turned to numbers. As humanity seemed to disappear, so did any semblance of personhood. But then I started to look at the faces. A lot of them reminded me of the people I knew. …

So writes Dzenana Halimovic who started the project of collecting the victims’ photographs. Take a moment, take a look. Let us not forget!

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